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The construction of a Roman ceramic kiln replika for Roman ceramics revitalization on the Aquae Iasae site at Varazdinske Toplice, Croatia  is a joint project by the KERAMEIKON, the Croatian Ceramic Association from Varazdin and Varazdinske Toplice Local History Museum

Collaborators on the project

Blazenka Soic Stebih, president of KERAMEIKON, the Croatian Ceramic Association and member of the AIC in
Spomenka Vlahovic, archaeologist and director of the VaraĹždinske Toplice Local History Museum;
Bernd Pfannkuche, expert for the construction of ceramic kilns and publisher of the ceramics journal Neue
Keramik / New Ceramics from Germany,
Cakovec Construction School;
Milivoj Segan, academic sculptor and art restoration expert from Zagreb;
Danijela Piculjan, vice-president of KERAMEIKON

Project objective
Based on historical experience and archaeological data, to build a replica of a functional ceramic kiln that will allow for firing ceramics in contemporary conditions, and the realisation of an ongoing workshop for the development of museum souvenirs in the form of replicas of antique lucernes, bowls and glasses discovered at the archaeological site Aquae Iasae.

Site of construction
The original site of the Roman Aquae Iasae at Varazdinske Toplice, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

Workshop in pictures

Photo by:
Visnja Naerlovic, Bernd Pfannkuche and Blazenka Soic Stebih

19.07.2024 - 05:22