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The International Festival of Postmodern Ceramics is the traditional international exhibition of ceramics being held under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Varazdin City Council.

The organizer is

Croatian Ceramic Association

in partnership with The City Museum of Varazdin

The exhibition will be held
from April,  18 to May, 17  4 2009
at the City Museum of Varaždin

The title of the exhibition:


Only works which embody the concept of ceramics as a means of free artistic expression will be accepted: sculptures, installation, and works serving a non-functional and functional purpose. Artists are expected to contribute by presenting distinctively personalised, original and novel ceramic art works characterised by a sincere approach, an ebullient, vivaciously creative and imaginative form of expression. A combination of various materials may be used but the work must be done primarily in ceramics.

The following prizes will be awarded:

The Prize of the City of Varazdin


The Young Artist Prize for an artist under 30 years of age under the title Fima.com for «Those to Come»

Many other valuable prizes and special awards will be awarded.

Individuals or groups of artists from all over the world may take part at the exhibition if they meet the exhibition criteria set by the organiser.

Each candidate may exhibit up to two works.


Each candidate should submit:
1. A completed Entry Form.
2. CD ROM and two colour photographs of the work; the quality must be such as to allow publication
(in JPG or TIF format, min 300 dpi). Pictures of the work must be taken from different angles.
3. Two photographs from CD printed on paper
4. The small personal photo of the artist;
5. A short biography of the artist and
6. Artists Statement

There is NO Enter-Fee

Deadline for submission of applications:
October, the 30 2008 (post stamp)

Registration and entries that do not include all the items necessary will not be taken into consideration.

How works are selected

Works are selected on the basis of CDs/photographs by a jury of renowned experts in the field of ceramics from Croatia and abroad. The names will be known very soon.

The jury will decide on prizes, awards and certificates.
The jury’s decision is final.

Candidates who are not selected will be notified and their CDs/photographs will remain in the exhibition archives.

Any work to receive a prize or award remains permanently in the ownership of the organiser or sponsor presenting the prize or award.

Delivery of works

Candidates whose works have been selected should deliver their works in the manner specified by the organizer.

Costs for delivery and return delivery of works and their insurance are to be covered by the artist.

The organiser of the exhibition takes responsibility for the handling of works and their insurance on receipt of works, throughout the duration of the exhibition and up until they have been returned. In the case of “unforeseen circumstances”, the organiser cannot take responsibility and will not be held responsible.

Awards ceremony and exhibition opening:

April, the 18  2009 at 12 a.m.

Additional events

The exhibition will be accompanied by many interesting activities like symposium, meetings and exhibitions with people who are well known in the world of ceramics.

Publications and information

The organiser will ensure that the public is informed about all important activities relating to the exhibition on time.
The organiser reserves the right to publish and make use of visual materials related to the exhibition.
An exhibition catalogue and other additional materials will be supplied.

Return of works

The organiser will arrange for works to be returned to their authors after the exhibition. Costs for return delivery of works after the exhibition are to be covered by the artist.

The organizers will be very grateful if some of the artist declares a donation of his/her work to the Collection of the contemporary world ceramics in The City Museum in Varazdin.

Contact address and information:

All entry forms and registration application materials should be sent to the address below.

By appending a signature to the exhibition entry form, the artist confirms that he/she accepts the propositions set down by the organiser.

For further information, please contact:

Croatian Ceramic Association
Krizaniceva 13
42000 Varazdin
Tel: ** 385 42 211 227
Fax: ** 385 42 210 450
e-mail: info@kerameikon.com

Or visit: www.kerameikon.com

Contact person:
Mrs. Blazenka Soic Stebih,
president of the Association and president of The Festival Organizing Committee
e -mail: info@kerameikon.com or

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