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Vanda Bilinski

Vanda Bilinski wrote:
My sculptures arise in a kind of dialogue with the stone; to discover the form and the figures, and not to compel the stone into a predetermined shape. This method is thrilling, offering many possibilities, although it seems that only one way to proceed is the correct one.
Stone or clay – alone or in combination with other materials (wood, metal, wool) – depending on the idea which I want to realise.
Born and grown up in Zagreb (Croatia), grammar school and university degree from Zagreb University, doctoral degree from the University of Zurich, have been working in Switzerland since 1969 and living between Zagreb and Zürich. Studying sculpture from ceramics and stone (alabaster and steatite) for several years.
Member of the artists association HDNU (since 2009) and KERAMEIKON (since 2013)  in Croatia and “Artischock”  (since 2008) in Switzerland.
Various exhibitions in Croatia, Slovenia  and Switzerland.

Sigetecka 13, Zagreb

in Switzerland: Lerchenberg 6, 8046 Zürich
e-mail: vandab@sunrise.ch

13.07.2024 - 07:54