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Asuurkeraamika studio celebrates the 20th anniversary with an art project titled „Asuurkeraamika Travels in Time and Space“.
During last 20 years they have gained plenty of friends among ceramic professionals as well as fans of ceramics.
Their long-time friend and partner is also KERAMEIKON, Croatian Ceramics Association.
So a special worlwide ceramic network has been formed. For the present art project they have drawn up a rute, based on
this network: starting from Tallinn and travelling through different European cities during three weeks in April 2013, they make
part of this network visible.
Visiting our long-time partners in art in different places like KERAMEIKON, Croatian Ceramc Association in Varazdin,
Croatia,  preparing and carrying out the presentation of the art installation together is our way to travel in time and space.
The project starts with building a special portable book-shaped kiln-object at Asuurkeraamika studio in Tallinn. It contains different
ceramic details which become visible by opening the kiln. The kiln will be transported by minibus and installed in different places
agreed before.
It will be heaten up until 1100ºC during the interactive performance around the kiln. After reaching to necessary level of
temperature, the glowing interior of the kiln will be demonstrated by opening it. In every place we visit, the interior will be
supplemented with ceramic details made by local artists.
In the center of the kiln is an heart-shaped object, which will be separated from the kiln still glowing in high temperature and
given as a gift to the local artists.
Video as well as special light and sound effects will be used.
The whole art project will be documented and presented on the exhibition in the end of the tour in Asuurkeraamika gallery in
Participating artists: Urmas Puhkan, Kärt Seppel, Lauri Kilusk and
Kylli Kõiv, Aigi Orav participant of CERAMICA MULTIPLEX
and donors to the KERAMEIKON Colection of contemporary world ceramics.

1.04. Kaunas, Lithuania
5.04. Kecskemét, Hungary
6.04. Varazdin, Croatia
8.04. Krk island, Croatia
10.04. Halle, Germany
12.04. Wrocław, Poland
15.04. Riga, Latvia
19.04. Tallinn, Estonia

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